When you using #HBSDISPOSABLE RAZOR  you're SAVING time between   replacing the blade,  you never cut yourself THE BIG BENEFIT .. the Handle never touching the blade so you don't need to use alcohol to sterilize the handle . We find out 99% of the barbers changing the blade but not everybody  using alcohol to sterilize The handle !!!When you not using alcohol for sterilizing what happened is bacteria living around the handle and traveling between clients the moment you loading the blade...So remember it's a big difference between  HBSֹֹֹֹ DISPOSABLE RAZOR the old tradition razor

Our Story

In 1993, we launched the DISPOSABLE RAZOR in Israel as the first fully Disposable Straight Razor, which has subsequently revolutionized the hairdressing industry.
Back then, there were huge concerns about infectious diseases like HIV. With the HBS DISPOSABLE RAZOR we developed a solution for hair professionals to barber and address health related concerns and to help contain the spreading of hepatitis, skin and other infectious diseases.

Now HBS DISPOSABLE RAZOR gives barbers, hair salons, and their customers alike the peace of mind and safety they need on a daily basis in their job.



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